Recent Publications (Fiction)


  • "Make Me Whole Again" in Blue Fifth Review (Flash Special: Puzzles and Pieces, Aug 2017)
  • "Rhymes with Orange" in Cheap Pop (July 2017)

  • Travel fiction piece: "The Ship Breakers" via Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel quarterly (Dec 2016)  
  • Magical realism short story: "Mory Takes Flight" via Luna Station Quarterly (Sept 2016, Issue 027)
  • Magical realism short story: "Gran's Centaur" via Scrutiny Journal (Sept 2016)

"One and a half years ago, now-dead Tess had the best week of her predetermined, moderately short life. She and her boyfriend Kevin spent four days in a rented house at Beach 503. This was a mostly unplanned venture, ‘spur of the moment,’ as Kevin described it. One week off work, by themselves, on a deserted beach, off-season...."


  • Issue 7 of Brilliant Flash Fiction features my flash fiction story "Dear Colleagues" (Sept 2015)

Dear Colleagues
By Anna O’Brien
Professor Cecil Eriksson clasps his large, callused hands behind his back as he gazes out the window toward the bay.

“Dear colleagues,” he says in a voice so quiet and without his usual boyish enthusiasm that the lunch crowd behind him immediately hushes. “Although I am officially here today to tell you of my latest discovery of two previously unknown kelp species—” a slightly upward lilt betrays his hidden pride,“—I am truly here to announce my retirement...."

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