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Recent publications:


Sept/Oct Just Labs feature: "Ill Wind"

July 2016 Horse Illustrated feature: "The Heat is On"

June/July 2016 Vet Q&A in Hobby Farms: "Helpful Long-Hauling Tips"

January 2016 feature in Horse Illustrated: "Vital Importance"


Women's Running magazine online: "5 Easy Ways to Return the Favor for Your Running Supporters"

5 Easy Ways To Return The Favor For Your Running Supporters

Sooner or later, most runners realize that running isn’t really a solo sport. You have your running buddies, an obvious example, but there is also the vital presence of your running support group. This comprises the tireless non-running husbands, friends, family members, and other loved ones who shuttle you to races at ungodly hours in the morning, cheer for you along the route, and welcome you at the finish. So how can you, as a runner, make sure they’re taken care of, too?...

BuzzFeedLife: "16 Things Every Fat-Cat Owner Should Know"

June 2015 feature in Horse Illustrated: "The Stressed Horse"

April 2015 feature in Women's Running magazine online: What the Heck is Ride and Tie? 

January 2015 feature in Horse Illustrated: "Managing Meds"

January 2015 web feature for Modern Farmer

The Economical Equine: How Horse Treadmills Became a (Very) Niche Thing

Have horse, will make ice cream? Don’t laugh, it’s a thing. As the demand for renewable energy increases, more people are getting on the bandwagon in increasingly creative ways. If you’re a farmer, why not look to the traditionally known beasts of burden in your own barn? After all, engines aren’t measured in horsepower for nothing.


Sept/Oct 2014 feature in Just Labs: "Training for Truffles"

Cats USA 2014 Annual feature: "Therapy Cats"

June feature on Modern Farmer online:

The Pull of Dog Driving: Fetch Is for Amateurs

Taking the dog for a walk is one of the obligations of dog ownership, no bones about it. But what if you could get your dog to take you on a walk? Or rather, a ride?

May 2014 issue of Horse Illustrated:
Feature: "The 21st Century Horse"

March feature on Modern Farmer online:

Pretty Pigs: The Secrets of Teenage Swine Groomers

It’s been said you can put lipstick on a pig but at the end of the day it’s still a pig. OK, fine, but there are times when a hog must look her finest, like in the show ring at the local county fair. Thousands of 4-H kids show pigs every year and they know a thing or two about how to make a swine shine.

Also, my Milking to Music story (below) was featured on Irish National Radio on March 11! Great fun! Listen here for the podcast for Tuesday, March 11. 
February feature on Modern Farmer online: 

Milking to Music

Photograph by by BC Dairy Association
The modern milking parlors of today’s dairies are noisy, busy places filled with the clang and whoosh of automated milkers. It can be tough for a cow to find a moment’s peace, and a stressed cow is not a productive cow. The timing of milk production in bovines is a carefully balanced biological ballet.

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