Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekly Wags

Playing a little catch-up with some weekly wagginess. Feast your beady little eyeballs on these pet, vet, or writer-ly features:

1. Knit hats for your cats. I Tweeted an aviator cat knit hat earlier this week and people went crazy. As they should. I think my cat Tuna needs one of each. Seriously. I will fund the brilliant, creative, talented woman who is doing this. Meredith Yarborough, I love you.

2. Space Coast Half Marathon. Ran this bad boy in Cocoa, FL, on Dec. 1. Enjoyed it thoroughly (it was a flat course), enjoyed the pizza and pancakes even more at the end. And in ecstasy at being able to do my most favorite thing in the world (beach combing) in DECEMBER!
Finisher's medal for half marathon

If only every day could begin with a beach sunrise

3. The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman. Just found out this morning Ms. Hoffman has this new book coming out in Feb 2014. Sounds delightful to me. I've read a few of her other works. I first discovered her by picking up a copy of Turtle Moon at a used book sale in England and I remember reading and enjoying it that summer (I was in high school). Happy memory :)

4. Top 10 Books of 2013, according to the Washington Post. Well, I haven't read any of these. And briefly feel like a degenerate. But then I remember that life is too short to waste time on books I don't want to read. But it's an interesting list, nonetheless.

5. Infrared study in Sweden looks at animal noses. Very cool images. And I love the idea of taking pictures of a Labrador while he slumbers away, totally oblivious of the fact that you are carefully studying and documenting his nose (photo below).


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