Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What is it about dog bloggers? *guest blogger!*

Through my internet travels over the recent years, I have visited many an animal blog, pet blog, vet blog, and writer blog. I have wasted many an evening watching silly cat videos and cool dog Tumblr accounts, and almost convinced myself I needed this:
I ask you: who DOESN'T need a unicorn horn for their cat???
One thing I began to notice in these cyber travels is that dog bloggers seem to dominate the pet blogs. Dog bloggers are EVERYWHERE, in fact, and their love for their canines is infectious. Now, I mean, we all love dogs, right? So why do dog bloggers stand out? Why isn't there an enthusiastic army of Shetland pony bloggers or llama bloggers? Exactly what is it about dog bloggers?
To help answer my question, I turned to a friend and yes, dog blogger, for help. And thus, ladies and gentlemen and assorted scoundrels, I present to you my very first guest blogger! I am very pleased to introduce Carol Bryant, founder of Fidose of Reality, a canine-centric online magazine dog blog where dog lovers of the highest order unite, co-founder of Wigglebutt Warriors, crusading to save dogs’ lives through a variety of creative fundraisers, and the PR and Marketing Manager for BlogPaws. Most importantly, Carol shares her home with Dexter, her Cocker Spaniel.
Carol and Dexter! (credit: Carol Bryant)
Without further ado, take it away, Carol!
What is it about dog bloggers? 
by Carol Bryant
I am a dog mom. I love it when folks call me a dog mom; I never grimace, furrow a brow, or correct them. In fact, a sense of pride swells in me. 
I have the great fortune of pursuing my dreams and my passion of a career with, for, and about dogs. I embrace that I do things with my dog as we approach 2014, that perhaps others who went before me did not (or could not) do with their pooches. My name is Carol Bryant, and I am a dog blogger.
Dog bloggers are a force with which to be reckoned. In a study I read about a year ago (Trone Brand Energy), a reported 20 percent of pet bloggers are considered highly influential and have monthly readerships of at least 10,000 readers. Three-quarters of these influencers have blogged for at least three years in order to build a steady, loyal following. Influencers report dealing with at least six or more pet care brands from a marketing perspective.
For many, dogs are the new kids, present company included.
Over the course of the last several years, there has been a tremendous boom in the pet blogger space, and we continue to grow as a niche market. 
Do you ever feel like this: "I know what pet parents want. I go to the shows, walk the expos, interact with the brands and my dog and his pack of friends participate in frequent play dates."
Or maybe: "I see the toys and water bowls, and read the food and treat labels with the scrutiny of a trained pet product expert's eye. I tell my friends, who are the key purchasing parties in their households for pet supplies."
Me too. And thousands, if not millions, of others. We are dog bloggers.
We take all of this information and our passion, knowledge, and love affair by and about dogs and we blog. 
So what is it about dog bloggers in particular? If you've been to a BlogPaws Conference, you know the energy, the enthusiasm, networking, idea exchange, and layers of relationships that are formed. Pet bloggers in general are the industry's rock stars.
The American Pet Products Association's National Pet Owner Survey for 2011-2012 revealed that in the past 10 years, use of the internet has more than doubled as a pet care information provider. Dog bloggers are influencing pet parents.
I could spend an entire afternoon reciting statistics that bark in favor of the pet industry and the power and responsibility of the pet blogger. Dino Dogan, founder of Triberr.com, perhaps said it best when he shared, "You guys are the celebrities of the future. You guys are the taste makers and influences. You guys are the force to be reckoned with."
My dog is a business card with fur. He introduces me to people, invites strangers to pet him, and in turn, a conversation ensues. Some of the best "social" media moments in my life have happened at the other end of a leash. My Cocker Spaniel, Dexter, is my best friend, confidant, inspiration for a rescue fundraising group I've co-founded, and most of all: the muse for my dog blog. 
A perfect gentleman, Dexter obliging for an interview (credit: Carol Bryant)
Dog bloggers strike a nerve in the hearts of millions of readers because we are a raw, honest, unconditionally giving, aim-to-please bunch, just like the dogs who inspire us. Follow me at Fidose of Reality: where dog owners of the highest order unite.

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