Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Writer Shaming

The concept of dog shaming, or the act of photographing your dog after she has done something terrible with a sign around her neck explaining what she did, is now the current 15 minutes of fame deal on the Internet.  Not only does this result in hilarious dog photos, but it's also something we can all relate to - if we don't have a dog that's done something similar, chances are we know someone who does. Here are some of my favorite examples:

However, it occurred to me that us writers have some dirty little secrets we ought to fess up to as well.  So, here's to Writer Shaming.  I've started with a few of my own.  Please feel free to submit your public shaming as well :)


  1. Ha, this is awesome! I will have to try to come up with some myself. Do you really have a 120,000 word memoir??